Thursday, November 17, 2011

Short Scary Stories-Dark Woods by Selinda

My Personal Notes: First off, I wanted to see how many Short Scary Stories, I could personally find in the public blog posts. But my mission also was to find short stories, that were actually written quite well! Hopefully, helping some of these writers get noticed for the creativeness and hard work that wen't into their writing. And also, at the same time give some insight to people out there, that may of thought about writing, but just thought they couldn't do it, or nobody would ever notice them. I'm here to tell you all...that if you have a passion to write, or even if you just love reading in general, the opportunities today...are massive and you will be heard, you just have to get out there and do it! Now onto some Amazing Scary Stories.

We had been driving for miles.  It was February and my boyfriend and I had decided on a spontaneous road trip.  The snow was beautiful and we witnessed deer scampering across the way.  I was excited.  I had never been to Colorado.  After hours of sitting in the car, and seeing nothing but the icy road, we came to a beautiful place called "Sawmill Point Lodge."  we got a cabin and began to unpack.  We were hungry and quickly settled in.  After dinner, my boyfriend and I sat in front of a cozy fireplace.  It was late.  But my adventurous spirit got the best of me and I wanted to venture out and see the frozen lake.  My boyfriend wasn't interested in going out into the cold night air.  We argued and I stormed out of the cabin.

I remember it was a full moon because the trees cast shadows in the snow.  I walked toward the frozen lake.  I came to the edge of the lake and the mirror like ground made me want to step on it.  Suddenly something in the woods got my attention.  I turned around toward the trees.  I couldn't see anything.  But I could feel someone watching me in the shadows.  I looked across the lake.  There were a few scattered lights.  But the only light came from the moon and its reflection on the lake and the snow.  I thought it might be deer. Everything was lovely and deadly still.  The winter night was unusually quiet.  The only thing I could hear were the soft imprints of my footsteps in the snow.  I felt an unexpected chill come over me.  But it wasn't the cold.  I suddenly realized someone was watching me.  I glanced to my left.  I couldn't see anything but trees.  I turned my head to my right.  Just a few feet away from me was a dark shadow.  I stared into the woods.  By the light of the moon, I could make out the figure of a man.  At first I thought it was someone walking the woods like myself.  Once I fixed my gaze on him, I noticed he had no face!  He was completely dark.  He was blacker than the night and darker than the trees in the woods.  But I could see him.

My heart started to beat faster.  Then I realized the figure was walking toward me.  I couldn't hear footsteps or twigs breaking.  Not a sound.  He was getting closer and I started to back up and  then turned and walked quickly through the woods away from this thing.  What was it?  My head was swimming trying to process what I had just seen.  There were still many trees before reaching the pathway.  Up ahead I saw something step from behind a tall crooked tree.  As I approached, I could make out arms and legs.  It was a man.  I sensed some relief.  But as I neared the shadow, I saw it was another dark figure.  He was completely jet black.  Not even the moonlight illuminated him.  I couldn't make out any facial features at all.  He was solid black from head to toe. He stood tall just a few feet away from me.  I stopped in my tracks.  I didn't know what I was looking at.  It was strange and sinster looking.

The black entity started to follow me.  I picked up my pace and before long started to run across the wooded path in a different direction.  I quickly regretted having gone out on my own.  Why had I ventured so far into the woods?  By now my heart beat so hard, I thought it was going to come out of my chest.  Finally through the last line of trees in the woods, I could make out our tiny cabin.  I could feel the shadowmen right behind me.  I turned back and could see both of them only a few feet away.  I must have been running pretty fast because I burst in the door and almost fell on the floor.  I must have startled my boyfriend.  He knew something was wrong.  My body was shivering uncontrollably.  I had never been so frightened in all my life.  I told my boyfriend about the dark faceless figures in the woods.  He comforted me.  I'm not sure if he believed my story.  But I know what I saw that night.  It was not of this world and it was evil and hiding in the woods.  And worst of almost got me!

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Now go and write some amazing Short Scary Stories

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