Saturday, November 19, 2011

Short Scary Stories-Ghost in the Bedroom by Selinda

My Personal Notes: First off, I wanted to see how many Short Scary Stories, I could personally find in the public blog posts. But my mission also was to find short stories, that were actually written quite well! Hopefully, helping some of these writers get noticed for the creativeness and hard work that wen't into their writing. And also, at the same time give some insight to people out there, that may of thought about writing, but just thought they couldn't do it, or nobody would ever notice them. I'm here to tell you all...that if you have a passion to write, or even if you just love reading in general, the opportunities today...are massive and you will be heard, you just have to get out there and do it! Now onto some Amazing Scary Stories.

The neighborhood was shaded by the many trees that lined the old brick homes on the street. Except for the occasional laughter
of kids playing outside, my house was quiet. It was in the fall of 1996. My two small children and I had moved in and had settled in an old part of Dallas. The school where I taught was only a few blocks away. One of my students lived down the block. He was an only child. Once he knew where I lived, he came by often to play with my kids.

One Saturday, my children were out with their father when Eddie came over. I let him in and although he knew my kids were out, he chose to hang around.He followed me down the hallway as I picked up after my children. Eddie trotted at my heels as I collected laundry. I walked into my bedroom dropped the clothes in a hamper and reached for my hair brush sitting on the antique dresser. I offered to take Eddie to the lake to feed the ducks. His eyes lit up at the suggestion. I chatted with him as I brushed my hair. I couldn't help notice he kept looking behind me. His eyes would look away at something and then back at me. I didn't think much about it at the time. I thought he was acting like a normal 10 year old.

We drove to Bachman lake. I had bought some fried chicken on the way to the lake and we ate on a nearby picnic table. Eddie seemed to be distracted. He was unusually quiet. Finally he spoke up. "Ms. T can I tell you something?" "Sure. What is it Eddie?"

"Well, when we were inside your house...... I ..ah...I .saw something." I looked at him. I never told him about the strange sounds, and the paranormal activity that had been going on since I moved in that house.

" Remember when you were in your bedroom brushing your hair?.......he continued. " Well, there was someone behind you." My skin went cold. " What do you mean?" I asked. " I saw a little boy kneeling on the floor playing." He....he...was see through.....I...I could see right through him." Eddie looked serious and a little shook up. "What was he playing?' I asked.

" He was stacking toy blocks on top of each other." I asked Eddie to describe the little boy. He went into detail about his suspenders and haircut with bangs. He even mentioned that the blocks were made of wood. "Did he look at you?...Did he look at me? I asked. "No....he just kept playing with his blocks. I saw him for only a few seconds and then he disappeared." I had not told anyone that my daughter Karen had seem a little boy ghost sleeping in Jimmy's bunk bed just a few months earlier. His description seemed to fit the little boy karen had seen in September, the night of Jimmy's birthday. The House off Greenville was my home for a few years and while I lived there, many people who visited experienced unexplainable events.

Now go and write some amazing Short Scary Stories

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