Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Short Scary Stories-Something Strange by Selinda

My Personal Notes: First off, I wanted to see how many Short Scary Stories, I could personally find in the public blog posts. But my mission also was to find short stories, that were actually written quite well! Hopefully, helping some of these writers get noticed for the creativeness and hard work that wen't into their writing. And also, at the same time give some insight to people out there, that may of thought about writing, but just thought they couldn't do it, or nobody would ever notice them. I'm here to tell you all...that if you have a passion to write, or even if you just love reading in general, the opportunities today...are massive and you will be heard, you just have to get out there and do it! Now onto some Amazing Scary Stories.

For the first time in my life I was living by myself.
After my husband and I divorced, I was determined
not to move back home with my parents. Instead, I rented a corner house off Greenville Avenue in Dallas determined to make it on my own. The 1930's house was cozy and a real find, or so I thought. One night my friend Bruce came for a visit. As I opened the door, he entered laughing and in mid-sentence suddenly stopped talking. His expression changed and his mouth dropped. He stared toward the dining room, "What's the matter?"I asked concerned. "I ah.... I just saw a man sitting in your dining room."

I turned around. There was nothing there. Bruce was visibly shaken. He stammered,"the man looked like he was reading a newspaper. Then he looked up...... He just stared at me!" Standing at the door somewhat affected, Bruce managed to compose himself and finally came in the room.He apologized. "I'm sorry I must be thinking about my grandfather. He just passed away a few days ago." Bruce settled in my rocking chair. We talked about our high school days and reminisced. But I couldn't help notice he kept glancing over to the dining room. "Was it your grandfather that you saw when you came in?" I asked. He was quiet for a moment. "No, it wasn't him. I've never seen that man before. You know your glass table over there? Well, the man was standing behind a wooden table with a cup of coffee sitting on it.'s as if your glass table wasn't there anymore."

I listened fascinated by his account and tried not to get frightened by what he had just told me. I could tell he was a little nervous. I changed the subject and we talked about other things. Bruce kept looking over towards the dining room. He seemed somewhat uncomfortable. Finally Bruce stood up and asked politely "I know this sounds strange, but would you mind if I take a look around?" I thought it was a little odd but I said "sure go ahead." I followed him as he walked through the Spanish arch that divided the living room from the dining area. He stood in the middle of the room for a moment. He didn't say a word. He approached the wall that separated the dining room from the kitchen. He knocked a few times on the wall. He then went to the kitchen and stopped in front of the back side wall that led to the back yard. He knocked on the wall. It sounded very hollow. "what's behind this wall?" he sounded alarmed.

"I don't know, I think it's a side entrance. There's a tenant who lives in the upstairs area. That's one of his outside entrances," I said. It was funny but thinking about it, I never actually saw my neighbor go up this way. Bruce insisted we open the door. The staircase was narrow and the walls were cramped. The passageway led to the second floor. It looked like the door at the top of the stairs was sealed. The wooden staircase was old and decrepit and we could feel a certain heaviness hanging in the stale air. Bruce moved around the house like an investigator. I'm not sure what he was looking for but he was a man on a mission. It was strange and uncharacteristic of him. But I was entranced by his unusual behavior.

He walked back into the dining room and proceeded to walk toward the hallway. The dark blue painted walls looked almost pitch black. Why would anyone paint the hallway this color? I wondered. Bruce stood in the middle of the hallway for several seconds. "May I?" he motioned to my bedroom. He opened the closet door, stared inside for a few seconds then shut it and came out. He walked to my children's room. My kids were still visiting at their grandmother's for a few days. Bruce walked directly to the closet, opened it and stared inside for a long time. He looked disturbed. Then he slowly closed it. Bruce and I retreated back to the front room and he later went home.

I didn't think too much about this incident but about a month later, my actor friend Tony stopped by. He had just finished his theater performance and decided to come to my house. He was animated and in his usual dramatic flair plopped on the rocking chair talking a hundred miles an hour. Throughout our conversation, I saw that he kept glancing toward the dining room. To my surprise, Tony got up and announced,"your house is weird." He then started walking in the same exact steps that Bruce had made almost a month before. He knocked on the same walls, walked in the same rooms in the same order. I really started to get a creepy feeling. There is no way Tony could have recreated the same steps and the same questions as my friend Bruce. They didn't know each other! I couldn't pretend anymore that everything was O.K. I finally had to admit to myself, there was something strange going on in my house and I was going to find out.

Now go and write some amazing Short Scary Stories

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