Saturday, November 26, 2011

Short Scary Stories-Haunted Town by Rudy Reyna

My Personal Notes: First off, I wanted to see how many Short Scary Stories, I could personally find in the public blog posts. But my mission also was to find short stories, that were actually written quite well! Hopefully, helping some of these writers get noticed for the creativeness and hard work that wen't into their writing. And also, at the same time give some insight to people out there, that may of thought about writing, but just thought they couldn't do it, or nobody would ever notice them. I'm here to tell you all...that if you have a passion to write, or even if you just love reading in general, the opportunities today...are massive and you will be heard, you just have to get out there and do it! Now onto some Amazing Scary Stories.

It was a cool October and my parents had just dropped me off at my aunt's house in a small town outside of Beaumont. My grandfather had turned for the worse. His illness was serious and he had been taken to the hospital. My parents were driving all lthe way to Mexico to see him. Although I begged to go with them, they said that with the severity of grandpa's illness, they might be gone for several days. I was disappointed and tried to make the best of the situation. My aunt was elderly and had no children. I was 15 years old and thought they should have left me alone at home. "I'm old enough to take care of myself," I grumbled. But I didn't argue with my parents. My father was already worried about his dad and both had a lot on their minds as they drove away.

What was I going to do here? It was Friday night. My aunt must have seen me sulk and suggested I walk to town. "There are things to do there and it's just a few blocks away. You might find some kids your age." After I settled in, I took her suggestion. The town was quaint and there was more activity but not much. I was curious and began to check out the town. The early evening was crisp and I headed past shops and toward the plaza. The park was pretty but except for some small kids playing soccer, and a few lovers walking by, there wasn't too much going on. I started to walk towards the football stadium. I could see the old building in the distance. Maybe there was a game going on. After several blocks, I noticed it had gotten dark. I had walked several blocks and I could hear the cadence of drums. "A football game!" The stadium stood on the hill like a giant. As I got closer, I could hear the roar of people. It sounded like a packed stadium. The marching band in the stands played loudly. I could tell the game had already started. The crowds cheered wildly. Except for the stadium lights, the surroundings were pretty dark. There were n't any street lights. But I was excited. It sounded like a good game and I could be around kids my age. I rushed toward the entrance. On the south side of the stadium at the top of the ramp, I saw a crevice. I peered my head inside.

Suddenly, without warning, the stadium lights shut off. The crowd went silent. I was standing at the stadium by myself in complete darkness! What happened? I looked around. There was no one there.

I couldn't have imagined the sounds or the lights. Where did everybody go? I couldn't have been hallucinating. I was completely bewildered. I must have stared at the stadium for several minutes. I reluctantly made my way back to my aunt's house. I told her I had gone into town to check the sights. "Auntie, was there a game at the stadium?" She looked at me funny. " Oh no. Ever since that terrible accident, several years ago, nobody's used the stadium." She explained It was a championship game and the football players from a neighboring town had won the game. But on the way back to their school, it stormed that night and the bus crashed near the bridge. "All the players were killed. As a matter of fact, tonight is the anniversary of that tragic event."

What had I experienced? Had I walked into another dimension? I clearly heard people cheering. There was definitely a football game going on. Or had I heard the ghosts of a football team that had returned to relive their last moments?

Now go and write some amazing Short Scary Stories

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